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Agnetha Berg, aka Aggie, is a graphic designer, photographer, cinematographer and all around crafty person. She believes in having close working relationships with her clients so as to fully understand their vision and what they want to become - in both their own eyes and the eyes of their target audience. 

Aggie has been working as a freelance graphic designer for more than 4 years and has worked with a wide range of clients, from musicians to building engineers. She's a published photographer, a pool-winning public sector designer and has a Masters in Applied Design and Art from Curtin University. 

Aggie's passion is designing for music, and she loves creating anything from logos to business cards, promotional posters, promotional videos, signage, window decals, brochures, stationary, magazines, annual reviews and websites.  



A blog about my design process and thoughts around various projects. 

New illustration

agnetha berg

An old buddy of mine, Mr Jon Kim Vik, recently got in touch and asked if I'd be keen to do an illustration for a podcast he's starting. It´s called ¨Nuts¨ and the first ever Norwegian podcast about poker. It`s a show where they talk about somewhat serious poker-related issues, but with a humorous twist. As Jon is a very funny and creative guy, I of course was happy to contribute! 

This gave me the opportunity to learn a new illustration style I´ve been wanting to try out. Here´s what I came up with!

Card design

agnetha berg

I designed a thank you card for a friends baby coming to the world. I arranged a photoshoot and ended up getting quite a few adorable shots of little Lotte. This is however the best one, and together with some handpainted flowers and typography I think the design came together quite well.

Welcome to the world adorable Lotte Amelia!

CD Sleeve

agnetha berg

Here's a CD sleeve for Alabama band Lake Lyon's debut EP "Fernweh" that I recently designed. The band had a very clear idea of what they wanted before we started this project, which is always great for a designer. The proposed challenge was for me to create geodes rising out of a lake, and each geodes was to house transparent images that the band supplied. All in all it was a very complex and challenging illustration to put together, and it was tricky to mix surrealism with realism in a convincing yet aesthetic way. 

In the end the band was vey happy with the result, and I can say that I am quite pleased with how it turned out myself.