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0403 749 395

Agnetha Berg, aka Aggie, is a graphic designer, photographer, cinematographer and all around crafty person. She believes in having close working relationships with her clients so as to fully understand their vision and what they want to become - in both their own eyes and the eyes of their target audience. 

Aggie has been working as a freelance graphic designer for more than 4 years and has worked with a wide range of clients, from musicians to building engineers. She's a published photographer, a pool-winning public sector designer and has a Masters in Applied Design and Art from Curtin University. 

Aggie's passion is designing for music, and she loves creating anything from logos to business cards, promotional posters, promotional videos, signage, window decals, brochures, stationary, magazines, annual reviews and websites.  



Personal Project.


The place where music and design meld together

No Island Collective is a two part project. Part one is an online professional networking site between musicians and designers/visual artists. The site will have profiles with portfolios and music-samples so that both musicians and designers can find the right match to work with and create awesome things together. The site will also have an active blog with several contributing writers, and have regular posts like "designer of the week", "music video of the week", "song of the week" etc. Part two is No Island Magazine, a print magazine that celebrates the amazing local talents in music and visual arts that Perth has to offer, and the relationship between the two. It will be released bi-annually and will include interviews of local talent and in-depth views into the interesting things that are happening when design and music melds together.